Compassionate Communication (NVC) - communicating from the heart

The pillars of NVC/CC are Presence, Empathy, Emotional Awareness and Expression. We learn how to connect in deeply with ourselves, to be with our feelings, to process (de-code) them, to connect with the underlying met or unmet needs and to make healthy requests of ourselves and others around our needs. We learn how to:- 

- Listen to others, with an open heart
- Strengthen our relationships with family, friends and co-workers
- Transform anger and conflict into trust and cooperation
- Increase Harmony at home and Effectiveness at work

I facilitate a 2 Day Compassionate Communication Foundation Training which includes:

- An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication SM (as developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D)

- Introduces you to the steps of the NVC SM process for use in connecting compassionately with

yourself, giving presence to others (compassionate listening) and expressing yourself with honesty

- Will enable you to practice and start using NVC SM in your day-to-day life

- Is run in an experiential style, working with participants’ real-life examples

- Is challenging, moving, supportive, transformative and fun

Contact me for dates of upcoming workshops - in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Galway & Portrush (NI).

1to1 appointments also available in Compassionate Communication - in Belfast or Dublin.

ALL LOVE Energy Healing

I am also an ALL LOVE Practitioner. ALL LOVE has been developed by international healer Patrick Zeigler. I have trained with Patrick since 2010. Patrick has studied holistic healing for over 25 years. His experience includes living and studying with respected healers, shamans and gurus in Arabia, Nepal, India and Africa. In 1984, Patrick was given the Seichem initiations from spirit while in the Egyptian pyramids. Thousands are using this energy around the world. It is also called SKHM Living Light Energy, All Love SKHM, Sekhem and Seichem - it is now simply called "All Love".

"The ALL-LOVE Workshop transfers your point of reference from your head to your heart and helps you discover living fully in the moment".

"The workshop experience is one of transcending the mind. Past experiences lose their emotional charge and we open to living more fully from the heart, expressing unconditional love".

1to1 appointments also available in ALL LOVE - in Belfast or Dublin - contact me to make an appt.

Usui Reiki

I also teach and do 1to1 appts for Usui Reiki - contact me to make an appt.