Míchéal De Buitléar  -  Communicating & Healing from the heart

I believe that bringing awareness, compassion and healing to whatever is presenting in our lives (our issues), allows us to be free from the past and to show up more authentically in the here and now – living a life of passion and purpose. Oftentimes we need to release and express the emotions (energy) that are not flowing (stuck) in the body to allow us to return to wholeness I support people through these processes using Depth of Presence, Deep Empathy, Compassionate Communication and Energy Healing.

 I have been working with healing energies for over 20 Years. I have studied and work with Bio-Energy, Reiki, Seichim (All Love) energy and Spirtual Healing. I have extensive training in NVC and have been sharing NVC with groups in Ireland, UK, Holland and Portugal for the last 4 years. I am a Chopra Centre Instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation. I am very inspired by how well Meditation, Healing and NVC work together, producing remarkable shifts in people and I am passionate about sharing that.  

I have worked with groups and individuals in Ireland, Thailand, US, UK, Australia, Portugal and Holland in recent years.

I am based in Belfast in N Ireland & also work in Dublin, Ireland, offering 1to1 appointments and also group workshops. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


"Thank you Micheal for a wonderful and powerful NVC workshop. Much love and gratitude for your time, patience, kindness and gentle manner of teaching" - Robin, USA

"The training was enormously helpful. I liked that it wasn’t all just theory - we quickly got into practice exercises, feeling the compassion and empathy for ourselves and each other. Micheal models compassion and empathy, while explaining it, so we can understand on many levels what he is communicating - intellectually and also intuitively, showing by example. He is obviously passionate about compassion and that ignites something in others. Micheal is also brilliant at facilitating people’s connection to each other and offering on-going support for networking and continued learning" - RG, Belfast

"I still vividly recall the beautiful energy session that we had in Atlanta – the depth of that. Truly, there is a gift you are sharing! A gift beyond measure! Thank you for sharing it with me so spontaneously" - Ralf, Australia

"I want to let you know how happy I am to have met you. Our session provided a big clearing for me, to let go of a fear I've held onto for a long time for protection and 'just be'. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life! You have a special gift. Thanks for sharing it with me" -  Nicole, USA

micheal.debuitlear@gmail.com     UK  +44 (0) 7564 223270(UK)     ROI   +353 876579590